Now, more than ever, we must hold onto the truth that change comes from all of us within and outside of the climate justice movement around the world. We need to go back to the basics and remind ourselves where our power really lies.

So what does ‘movement’ mean?
‘Movement’ is empowering. Movement denotes something active, progressive and productive. We are going somewhere.
When I looked up its definition (here and here), I was surprised how much the word encompasses:

– A change of position; the act or process of moving
– A group of people with a particular set of aims
– People changing their opinion or the way they live or work
– Progress

The list goes on, and bizarrely each definition can be applied to the climate movement or any movement of positive change…

– The advance of a military unit.
-Fighting and resisting, peacefully, to get to where we need to be.

– A piece of music (or in Merriam Webster: a distinct structural unit with its own key, rhythmic structure and themes and forming part of an extended musical composition).
-Beautiful and distinct voices, but also part of a larger whole.

– The part of a clock or watch that turns the handle; i.e. points to the time (or in Merriam Webster: the moving parts of a mechanism that transmit a definite motion).
-We are the active markers of time, of change, of ‘transmitting’ change. We are a collective unit, made up of many parts.

– A polite way of saying excretion or emptying the bowels.
-Getting rid of waste products that are not needed for our world or our societies, doing away with ways of thinking and living that do not serve us.

We must and can recognise this strength in ourselves. We need to look at ourselves with honesty and integrity, and challenge ourselves as well as our communities to go beyond our own perspectives. Reach out to others, and support them in their struggles moving forward.

Keep moving forward.



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